Thursday, 29 May 2014


The James Bond
It all started when it came to the preparations of Independence Day'13. There was an announcement at the end of July that people interested in dancing on 15th August can come up and attend the meeting the next day. So, I and two of my friends went to the meeting and we realized that there wasn't any one from the second year. We talked to one of our seniors and he said that he'll let us know about the interested people by tonight. The very next day we got a call from him stating that there are 7 more people from our batch only who want to perform on the day. Now, these 7 people came from different fortes of dancing which we three have never tried. We were in a dilemma whether to go for practice sessions or not. We came to a conclusion after a period of excessive repelling that we meet them once, listen to what they are wanting as a theme and then decide. The very first day, two of them were like the leaders of the group. They told us their choice of song, the forte and the positioning, etc. We didn't like it as they didn't listen to any of our ideas and they started with the warm-up. Initially we acquiesced as it was difficult to switch to new genre. After two days of preliminary failed practice sessions, we saved the third day to know them and make friends. The third day, we sat for a stretch of three hours talking, sharing our dance experiences. This session of getting familiar to each other helped us a lot. Now, there weren't any leaders, we taught each other the basics of our fortes. We learned everything together. The practice sessions were not the same anymore. They were now fun. We used to spend 11 hours together. The time we used to spend soon turned into memories we were making, moments we were sharing. Sharing our laugh, our giggles, we didn't realize that we weren't strangers anymore, we shared a bond that grew strong day by day. We loved the practice sessions. Two days before the performance our seniors wanted to see how much we have prepared. After showing them our performance, the three of us were called by the same senior to whom we talked initially about our dilemma. He asked us was it right to ask you people to work together and come up with a performance. And we three looked at each other and smiled and said thank you Sir. He understood what we meant. Each one of us had qualities that kept us one, and as MANITians have that special thing in them - "DASNA", the bond we shared was soon named by us "THE JAMES BOND". The event was successful and we were praised by everyone.

        This taught us to adapt others as they are, not to keep prejudices about anyone and to work as a team. Here, in MANIT, one has to be open to people, ready to listen to them, even be bold enough to keep your opinion, to convey them what's in your mind and to work with the team spirit without losing your individuality.

Monday, 24 June 2013

What I could never see...

It's almost 12...and I'm on the bed trying to control the flow of thoughts in my mind and heart and have a good sleep but these random thoughts are not letting me do so...there are questions..a few without any reason...a few to which a solution is desperately wanted...there are answers to what I did..there is satisfaction to what happened and there is eagerness to what's next... As I lie on the bed I look behind to what happened in the past 24 hours...those moments when suddenly our hands touched each others...those moments when he stopped me and I sensed that he was looking at me...that one special hug...we have been together for 6 months now...the feeling is amazing...the way we met..the way things fell into place...all brought us closer and hence made us ONE... Yesterday was a milestone day...we had a "Walk to Remember" we usually go on walks but this one was special not because we went to a different place but because we talked our hearts out...everything about our past..our expectations from future.. I wish that moment froze forever...but then the greed to live more moments with him suppressed the wish. He's a gentleman... It might be a little too early to completely trust someone...but this person was an exact replica of ME...and who else could better understand me than my own image... 

Whenever we talked, he without fail mentioned of this one thing I still wonder about...that my eyes were the most beautiful in the world... Yes, indeed they were as my mother has always told me that...but unfortunately these beautiful eyes never gave me an opportunity to see the beautiful world, my beautiful mother and the person who was ready to spend the whole life with me.
    Yes, I was blind...I "was" blind...It was his eyes through which I now could gaze onto this world... But that one thing I longed to see were his eyes...the love in them...the love for me..the love for US. 
    Few days later...

received a call from him, he was leaving the country to persuade his dreams, to study at the University of US. He promised that once he accomplishes what he dreams of he'll be back, back to me. I got back to focusing on my job at the MNC. 
             The telephonic conversations now didn't last for more than ten minutes but the bond our hearts shared has now lasted for 16 months. It was just short of 3 months that we'd be back together living OUR dreams that a mishap took place...I met with an accident and internally injured my brain leaving a nervous disorder in both the eyes. The doctor said that if the eyes weren't being transplanted within three days the disorder might lead to paralysis as well. My mother was frightened. She has been alone raising me, her only child and if I would leave her at this stage of life she would always curse the day when I lost my vision. She would blame herself. 

4 days later
My eyes were being unwrapped after the operation. There were butterflies in my stomach I was going to see my mother, the woman who took all the pains so that I could live happily... I wished to see him.. The one who loved me and showed me the world...
      As I open my eyes I could see the colors fading in.. My eyes could make a figure..a woman in blue sari standing in front of me...with hands folded praying to god to return all good she has done in one return her daughter's eyesight...

I stared her for a off my bed and embraced her and whispered in her ears.. "   maa, you prayers have come true...I can see"   . She broke into tears and the said "   oh beta...khushi ke aansu hain..."   
     The next moment I was in front of the mirror...surprisingly looking into my own eyes...are they so beautiful?? Or the world seems to be more beautiful??
     There was something that gave me immense satisfaction...and I suddenly realized that what I've longed for so many months is here...there it was..right in these eyes...these were his' ...I could see the love for myself... I could see why the world was so beautiful..I could see what the eyes reflected...

I weeped as time flew probably trying to soak in the fact that I lost someone because he loved me to an extent where he could loose himself but not me....

Disclaimer : Any resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Theory of Relativity

When I was studying Physics and while thumbing through the book, I came to the topic "Theory of Relativity", and suddenly something struck my mind and leaving the notes apart, with very care I got up from my bed and went to pull my laptop out of the bag kept at a distance. You might be wondering why I wrote "with very care"..well I met with an accident and injured my left foot. Anyways back to business, but I assure you one thing that this article has nothing to do with Physics.
              I gave my first year practicals sometimes back and when people asked me "How were the practicals?" I answered- yes, they were fine. Because we need not worry..courtesy of "RELATIVE MARKING". Relative marking as in we would be marked on the basis of our theory paper and believe you me, this fact is so relieving because we (including you all) never do practicals seriously. We either copy the readings or manipulate them or even leave a few..who cares?? I left 3 practicals in the first semester. Not a big issue..right? And conceive of the same situation when you were in school and you did not complete all the practicals..there would be a fear inside and could be found petitioning the lab-in-charge to let you in and do all sorts of work. And here in college "Paradigm Shift" happens so drastically, you rarely pay heed to the fact that it's even a practical day.
           Well coming back to relative marking, it says that the marks for practical will be taken care of if you do well in theory and what's the guarantee of performing well in that? We think that since we got a lot of time(which is actually not "a lot"), we would perform well, but that is contingent upon the way we utilize our time.
So, lets redefine "THEORY OF RELATIVITY" :
1) The laws of a "practical lab" are uniformly broken in every college.
2) The speed with which we people leave the laboratory is never equal to the speed with which we enter.

DISCLAIMER: This is what happens generally, in almost all the technical colleges and here is the perception of the students about this, however, having a practical knowledge in a true manner makes you a technocrat..


  College is referred to as a higher education institution. It's the place where students learn everything. It is considered as one of the most important part of a student's life.
From studying the whole year we switch to studying the night before, from going out occasionally we switch to sitting back home occasionally  from having a good percentage of attendance we switch to short attendance, from bunking classes quite rarely we switch to having GT's 3 days a week, from being dependent we turn to the responsible world of being independent and managing ourselves, we do all those things that are parents would do just to realize them that we are now college students, and many more changes accompany the fact that a student is in college.
          Starting from the very first day in the new environment with new faces all around and specially the feeling of a "college" , it seems all perfect as if you passed junior college(11th and 12th) for this day. Then you have a look at your class and u see people trying to be at their best, your mind starts making first impressions but hold on these are deceptive sometimes. And then you find a familiar face someone from your school or coaching, someone whom you have never talked to although and you are so so relieved. Slowly the friend circle expands and we get to know about each other, the trust starts developing and people take place in our hearts and then it doesn't seems that it's a new place an unfamiliar place. Then you get to know about the activities in college and your seniors encourage you to participate in everything and believe you me even you will try to take part in everything because as they say the first year is the only year  where  you will get time to have fun and take part in events and attend workshops to learn new things. They will tell you about many societies, cultural, technical, social, and literary and many more and every event will teach you something new. 
          College is a place where you get into everything that you have never tried.First experience of everything gives you the confidence of trying it again and it lets you analyze your mistakes. It provides you with a platform so good that you can overcome every fear of yours, enhance your talent, publicize it and turn things in your favor  From wherever you come, your state, language, board of education does not matter, what matters is how you carry yourself and present yourself to people. College brings in your life things that you might experience for the first time from getting away with your fear to the fear of being caught, from staying away from love to falling in love, from having a limited crowd around yourself to being with people with different mentality.It's a place where you not only gain education but everything that would help you for the rest of your life. It is a place where you will find all kinds of people with all sorts of thinking and you will learn adjusting in such an environment.
        This place teaches you everything so enjoy your life to the fullest you won't get another chance to live this time. And do remember to take pictures or jot down every night about what you experienced and learned today, how many people you met because this will be the only thing that will make you memorize these golden moments. "College" contains in itself an institute that not only builds in you an engineer, a doctor or an architect but that develops the real you.